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Do what makes you Happy ~ Follow your dreams and follow Deez-Nutz Motorsports

Nobody touches Tom's tires!!  Nice shirt Tom


Some Just see a blue bus  others know it's BBB: The Blue Ball Bus Dragging Deez Nutz all over the country looking for the next victims at an Outlaw Sprint car race near you.

People be rubbing Deez Nutz from the back, Sliding on Deez Nutz, on the right, bobbling Deez Nutz on the left or maybe it's me bumping Deez Nutz on your rear end, either way you know when Deez Nutz are in the house!

Welcome to  See-Deez Nutz Motorsports and home to The Outlaw Student Driver, Eric "Thunderson" Gunderson

We love everything to do with racing,  adrenaline and having fun!  Whether it is the burning of Top Fuel, Dragging your knee on concrete, Jumping off cliffs, Riding bulls, driving the fastest cars on dirt the "Sprint" Car or anything in between. We know it poses both challenges and excitement and we can't get enough! 

The journey started years ago at Angell Park Speedway in Sun Prairie, WI where a little 7 year old boy went to watch the midgets race every Sunday night.  At that point he knew one day he would live out his dream and race.  He raced snowmobiles and motorcycles in his earlier days but never raced circle track or dirt. 

2019 he decided to take the step back into racing, NOT slowly might I add but into the drivers seat of a 360 Winged Sprint Car!!!  For those that don't know they are the fastest most dangerous cars on dirt and you don't just decide to drive those cars unless you are nutz so you put See-Deez Nutz on your wing!  The journey continues and he has never looked back!

Whatever fuels your fire or makes you feel alive go after it and don't stop until you get there.

We would love to hear from you and share your crazy, wild stories with other fun loving people.  Please send us your pictures, videos and stories so we can post and share with other like minded folks!!  We are all about having fun and would love to share what makes you happy!

Share your Nutz stories!!

email us today at


First ones to lend a hand and took me under their wing and now we are friends and teammates!! 

Over 6 1/2 feet tall, Joe races Sprint Cars as well... How he gets in and out of that seat is still a mystery.

The other is my main man Mark!

 Tiny's Angels


Cal Neel getting the tires ready for the  Feature at I 75 Raceway! 


Tom approves of the new 2022 paint job

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