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 Why we love what we do


"The Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step!" Lao Tzu

This race journey started many years ago for a young boy named Eric Gunderson who at the age of 6 years old would get on his bike and ride to Angell Park Speedway in Sun Prairie Wi and sit on the fence just to hear, watch and smell the fuel of the Sprint Cars and Midget Cars as they raced on his home track every Sunday night.

He kept saying to himself one day I will be racing in one of those cars and nothing will stop me.

The dream never died, it just took sometime to come to fruition! By sheer determination and literally driving over 3000 miles to purchase his hauler, diesel truck and 2 sprint car chassis he is making his dream come true. The road hasn't been easy as with anything you start you have multiple learning curves and set backs. Yet none of that has deterred his spirit, his passion or his drive.

To say racing is in his blood is an understatement. He has been to 8 races this season so far as he didn't have the car ready to race until June 01 and is already ranked 8th with USCS Southern Thunder Race Group and 25th Nationally. Not bad for only being at 8 races and not even being able to complete all features due to mechanical issues and blown tires. Again all part of racing and learning.

The 2021 Season brings home 4th in National Points and 7th in the Midsouth region

We will be posting many more pictures and updates as we go along this journey and we hope you enjoy them and please feel free to comment, ask questions or share your own photos.

Never stop believing in the beauty and the power of your dreams!!!

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